Use of Images

All pictures on this website, except where otherwise marked, are copyright 2002-2009, Patrick Alexander under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works license. They may be used in unmodified form for educational or other nonprofit purposes so long as I am credited. Derivative works and commercial use is not allowed without my permission.

Also, on the main page, a number of the photographs of me for the banner were taken by others. The photograph of me on a snowy tree was taken by Mary Hrovat, the one at Echo Lake was taken by C.D. Bailey, the one on a beach in Baja was taken by R.W. Spellenberg, the one on the crest of the Oscura Mountains was taken by J.E. Tenorio, and the one at Bonneville Salt Flats was taken by a friendly tourist who happened by; he told me his name, but alas I've forgotten it (were he a plant, his binomial would have stuck in my mind; I'm not as good with people). (The rest were all taken by myself with a timer.)

The fonts on the Organ Mts. outline banner are IM Fell French Canon (left) and IM Fell Great Primer (right) from Igino Marini. I also use these fonts in labels for my plant specimens.

Selling photographs isn't a priority for me, but if you are interested in buying either prints or use of images for commercial purposes or the like, I may be interested. Contact me.

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