Mount Thielsen is one of the highest peaks in the southern Cascade Mountains. It's a tiring hike up it, and I still don't know how to get to the top of the pinnacle; the view is pretty good 50 feet lower, though.

View of Mt. Thielsen from Oregon Hwy. 230, 25 Jul 2008.

The view of Mt. Thielsen from near the Pacific Crest Trail on the west side, 26 Jul 2008.

Another view from further up the trail, 26 Jul 2008.

Diamond Peak seen from Mt. Thielsen, 26 Jul 2008.

Looking down the western ridge of Mt. Thielsen at Diamond Lake & Mt. Bailey, 26 Jul 2008.

Panoramic view to the west & southwest from Mt. Thielsen, with Crater Lake at left and Mt. Bailey at right, 26 Jul 2008.

Closer view of the mountains rimming Crater Lake, seen from near the summit of Mt. Thielsen, 26 Jul 2008. The barely-visible peak about 3/4 of the way to the right is Mount McLoughlin, between 55 & 60 miles distant.

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