Kilbourne Hole is an old maar volcano. Maar volcanoes are the result of explosive eruptions of basaltic lava, and look like craters rather than the typical cones that result from eruptions of silicic lava. Kilbourne Hole is one of the largest maar volcanoes in the world, about a mile across. The bottom of Kilbourne Hole turns out to be pretty uninteresting, but the rim is quite nice and there's a large sand dune on the northeast side of Kilbourne Hole.

Looking north across Kilbourne Hole, 2/20/05. You can see the edge of the sand dune at right.

This is a small chunk of olivine, an uncommon mineral usually associated with maar volcanoes. On the east side of Kilbourne Hole, 2/20/05.

Basalt on the rim of Kilbourne Hole, 2/20/05.

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