Web pages I've found useful, interesting, or entertaining, organized by topic.


US in general:

Flora of North America
Keys, species descriptions, ranges, etc., for all plants of the continental US and Canada. Or at least, once it's finished. So far, 15 of 26 volumes are completed and available online, with several more soon to be published.

The International Plant Names Index
A great first stop for nomenclatural history of plants, although with the immensity of IPNI's task comes limited editorial oversight...

A database of plants of the US with distribution information, some synonymy listings, and images of some taxa.


SW Colorado Wildflowers
Images and information about the flora of southwestern Colorado.

Gila Flora
Plants of the Gila National Forest, photographed by Russ Kleinmann of Silver City.
Plants primarily in & around the Florida Mountains, photographed by Gene Jercinovic of Deming.

Wildflowers of Tucson
The name says it all.

Southern California Wildflowers
Tempting as it is to exclude southern California from the southwest on cultural grounds, I have to include it on botanical grounds.

UT Flora of Texas Project
Allows you to search the Texan holdings of herbaria located in Texas.

Allows you to search the holdings of a variety of herbaria in the southwest, including those in New Mexico, Arizona, and some from Colorado, Sonora, & Utah.

Midwest and Northeast:
Pictures and information about 1000 or so plants found in Missouri. An excellent web site.

Connecticut Botanical Society
Pictures and information about many of Connecticut's plants, as well as various bits of information about the society.

A web page for the flora of Wisconsin, presented by the Wisconsin State Herbarium.


NOAA: Precipitation Analysis
Includes maps of recent precipitation, including such useful things as total precipitation over the last 30 & 90 days and how this compares to average precipiation.

USFS: Wildland Fire Assessment System: Greenness
Includes maps showing departure from average greenness, a good metric of whether botanizing in various areas is likely to be better or worse than average.

Western Regional Climate Center
Here you can access historical average climate data for long-term weather monitoring stations throughout the western U.S.

Family Pages:

The Thinking Meat Project
A web site run by my mother, Mary Hrovat, concerned with the conflict between consciousness and mortality.
The home page of my brother, Greg Alexander, a programmer with odd opinions and baffling hobbies.

Home of the web's greatest animated humor.
Searchable online topographic maps. It is nearing what Topozone used to be.

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