McCormick's Creek State Park, just east of Spencer, has a wide variety of nice habitats in a small area. It tends to be fairly heavily used but there's a lot of great stuff out there. My favorite of the state parks I've visited in Indiana, in part because I know it well.

Wolf Creek near Wolf Cave, 5/15/04.

McCormick's Creek upstream of the old quarry, 5/15/04.

I think there's a rule somewhere you have to take at least one picture of McCormick Creek Falls, so here it is. 6/12/04. You really need a wider lens than I had at the time to get much out of the falls, but what the hell.

The view down into the McCormick Creek bottomlands from the south rim of the canyon, downstream of the falls, 6/12/04. I don't know if I'd call it a canyon out here, but in Indiana it's a canyon.

Looking west along the south rim of the canyon, same location as above, 6/12/04.

Low limestone bluffs along McCormick's Creek near the old quarry, 6/30/04.

An old field hopefully on its way to becoming prairie on the northwest end of the state park, 6/30/04.

Dodecatheon and other plants along the north rim of the canyon between the falls and the old quarry, 4/17/04.

A nice limestone outcrop on the north rim of the canyon between the falls and the old quarry, 4/17/04. The red flowers are Silene virginica

Looking down into the canyon above the falls from the south rim, 11/2/03.

Fallen oak leaf in McCormick's Creek above the falls, 11/2/03.

My mom, Mary Hrovat, and Paul White looking across the canyon above the falls, 11/2/03.

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