Green's Bluff is a Nature Conservancy Property along Raccoon Creek south of Spencer. It's a very nice area, notable for having hemlocks and the fern Asplenium montanum as well as some nice sandstone bluffs and a number of other fairly uncommon plants.

The view along the base of the bluff itself, 2/29/04.

Raccoon Creek with snow, 2/8/04. The steep slope on the left here, on the opposite side of the creek from Green's Bluff, is limestone.

Thick stands of Equisetum hyemale along Raccoon Creek, 2/8/04.

Looking down at Raccoon Creek from above the bluff, 2/8/04.

An old cemetery near the parking spaces at Green's Bluff, 2/8/04.

Asplenium montanum growing along a crack in the sandstone, 2/29/04.

Some kind of weird intrusion in the sandstone, 3/28/04.

Spring in the process of springing in the bottomlands along Raccoon Creek, 3/28/04. Most of the greenery you see here is Cardamine douglassii.

Raccoon Creek with nice fragmented limestone, Equisetum hyemale on the far shore, and a hemlock hanging over, 3/28/04.

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